We made Quorum

Last Meeting…..

On Thursday, April 11th, we finally had a quorum. The local was able to pass the budget for the year, and we were able to get approval on the previous minutes as well as expenses incurred by the local.

Mark Tedford informed the membership about the Ad-Hoc Committee that was forming to discuss the way the two hour notification was to be delivered. He explained that the committee had met twice before and that there was a clause from the last meeting that if at some time either party wishes to change the way the notification is to be sent, that both sides (the company and the union) would meet.

Something else happened that night: Chris Spaeth, a Prem Tech out of the Edens garage, made a motion for the local to create a committee to determine which forms of current electronic media should be used to connect with the membership. The committee will be determined by the E-Board and approved on Thursday, May 9th.


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