Mobility Bargaining Update #3

This is taken from the CWA District 6 website:

Bargaining resumed today in Austin, Texas with AT&T Mobility.  The CWA Bargaining Committee continued to present and explain the Union’s proposals to the Company.

The CWA Bargaining Committee presented proposals to the Company on the following contract articles, Article 2 Recognition and Establishment
of the Unit, regarding the subcontracting of bargaining unit work, Article 12 Hours of Work, Article 17 Union/Company Relationship, Article 21 Absences,  Article 24 Excused Days With Pay and Article 25 Exchange Time.  The Union presented a proposal on the Call Quality Observation Letter, a proposal to create a National Healthcare Coordinator and a proposal on the Pension Plan.   The Bargaining Committee further presented upgrade proposals for the CSR I Title in the MSS Department located in Austin, TX, a proposal for a Clerical Associates upgrade, and a proposal for an upgrade to the Sales Advocate title.

Your bargaining committee will meet again tomorrow morning with the Company to resume negotiations.


We have seen some great pictures from mobilizing efforts from around the District.  The Committee appreciates your efforts in telling the Company that you are demanding a good contract.  We know you are behind us in these negotiations.

Keep it Up!!!

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