Nominations for North Chief Steward were held at the Membership Meeting last Thursday. The nominees are, in no particular order, Stefan Johnson, a Premises Technician out of the Lacy garage, Tyler McFadden, a Premises Technician out of the McNeil garage, and Matt Bonnette, a Customer Services Technician out of the North Loop garage. The Election Committee, Chaired by Audrey Hawkes, will be meeting this week to go over the mailing of ballots to all members that will be voting for the North Chief Steward position.


Three amendments to the Local 6132 Bylaws were voted in by the membership. We have received approval from District 6 and these will take effect on December 14th. The proposed amendments are still viewable at this link.


Below is a scan of the invitation. The Christmas party will be on December 6th at the Letter Carriers Union Hall at 601 Williams Street.


At the last Membership Meeting we began handing out the Salvation Army Angel Trees. This is a charity that we have done each year for our local children in need. The date to return the Angel Trees is December 5th. Please return to the Union Hall.

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