COVID-19 For AT&T Customer Facing Employees

We, as telecommunications workers, are considered essential, not by AT&T itself, but by Homeland Security and CISA. We provide information services to residential customers who are working from home, to hospitals, to state agencies, to news media, and to emergency workers. We are responsible for making sure that people can get the help or information they need during this crisis.

During this difficult time, our members are being asked to continue doing their jobs as safely as possible. AT&T has been consistently sending email notifications with important information from the CDC, and how that integrates with your specific tasks when installing or repairing services for our customers. AT&T is not asking you to do anything beyond the restrictions put in place by the CDC. Please, follow the guidelines. Ask your customers the provided questions to determine if you are safe to work inside their homes. If the customer answers ‘yes’ to any of the questions, then follow the Alternative Dispatch Guidelines. If you have not seen these guidelines, please talk with your supervisor. If you encounter anything not strictly stated on the questionnaire, talk with your supervisor.

CWA Local officers, chief stewards, and shop stewards, should not be advising members to do anything different than what the Company has asked of them. If you are hearing conflicting information, please contact the Local. If your supervisor is telling you anything different than what the guidelines state, contact the next level of management before reaching out to us. This should go without saying: do not get your news from social media posts.

CWA District 6 and AT&T have come to an agreement to compensate all bargained-for employees an additional 20% of base pay for every hour worked. Prior to that agreement, AT&T is offering 80-160 hours of paid time off if you meet the criteria. If you do not meet the criteria for the paid time off, then contact your supervisor and see if they will approve vacation or other PTO, or perhaps an unpaid leave of absence.

The Officers of Local 6132 hope that each and every one of you stay safe, stay informed with the daily changes to our city and surrounding areas, and to promote social distancing and proper personal hygiene and etiquette. Most of all, do everything in your power to keep you and your families safe.

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