Frontier Communications Moves Forward with Chapter 11 Filing

CWA District 6 received this notification from Frontier’s Labor Relations Department

April 14, 2020

Frontier Communications has taken meaningful actions as an
organization to build a stronger and more competitive company.
We have also been focused on reducing Frontier’s significant
debt and working to position the Company for long-term

After reviewing a number of options to help improve our capital
structure, Frontier has entered into a Restructuring Support
Agreement (or RSA) with our bondholders. The financial
restructuring plan will significantly reduce the Company’s debt
while we continue to provide quality service to customers
without interruption. To implement this plan, we voluntarily filed
petitions under Chapter 11 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.
I understand you may have questions about what this means for
our unionized employees and union contracts. Here are
important points you should know:

· We expect our employees, including those
represented by unions, to continue to be paid and receive
their healthcare benefits as normal throughout this
process. Employees should continue to come to work on the
same schedule and remain focused on their job responsibilities.

· Frontier’s union contracts will remain in effect as per
their terms and any extension or renegotiation. We fully
expect to continue to work in a mutually respectful manner with
our unions as this process moves forward.

· Frontier is continuing to operate as normal, and we
have sufficient liquidity to run our business throughout the
court-supervised process.

· We remain committed to providing our customers
with quality services that they expect from Frontier without

I want to emphasize that we are undertaking this proactive and
strategic process with the support of our bondholders in order to
significantly improve our capital structure and reduce our debt
on an expedited basis.

With a stronger balance sheet, we will also have the increased
financial flexibility to accelerate investments in our long-term
growth by upgrading our network reliability and speeds,
delivering new innovative solutions, adding top-tier talent to our
organization and becoming a stronger provider for existing and
new customers. In short, we are using this process to build a
better, more sustainable Frontier for the future. In addition, the
impact of COVID-19 on our operations, our customers and the
entire business community is rapidly evolving. The support we
are receiving from our bondholders will also help us to manage
the near-term challenges presented by COVID-19.
We are committed to providing updates as they are available.
Thank you for your continued support of Frontier. We look
forward to building a stronger, more sustainable Frontier.

Todd Brooks | Labor Relations Manager

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