COVID Cases Still on the Rise

Over the past few weeks, at least 2 of our members in Austin, Texas have tested positive for the Coronavirus. For those of you who are not taking this seriously, or are somehow convinced that this is not a concern, please take a look at this graph from the Texas State Department of Health Services. Pay attention to the direction of the cumulative and daily cases. In order for us to be in a safe place, the cumulative numbers should flatten, and the daily cases should be decreasing. There are approximately 29+ million people in Texas. As of June 15th, approximately 5% of Texans have been tested for the virus, or antibodies. That leaves around 27.5 million Texans that have not been tested. Although some states are not forcing people to wear masks, we highly recommend that you do. Please keep 6 feet away from others, wash hands and surfaces, and don’t put yourself and others at risk of contracting this deadly virus. This can be preventable, if you take even the simplest of precautions.

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