Over the last two days, CWA members working at Bumperactive, a local print shop that employs more than fifty people, cast their votes to ratify a new five-year contract. After multiple extensions to the previous contract due to an increase in the volume of work, as well as dealing with a national pandemic, the two parties finally entered into negotiations in mid January to discuss changes that would benefit those hard-working employees. We thank our District 6 Staff Representative, Charlie Torres, our Officers, and the members of our Bargaining Committee for their time, patience, and perseverance. With their help, and the members, we have successfully and overwhelmingly ratified this new contract.

Charlie Torres – District 6 Staff Representative and Bargaining Chair

Jason Peavler – CWA Local 6132 President

Sonia Lopez – CWA Local 6132 Vice President

Bargaining Committee Members

Regine Kalala – CWA Local 6132 Steward

Mike Pollock – CWA Local 6132 Steward

Olivia Trevino – CWA Local 6132 Steward

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