Vote Down Prop F

City of Austin will have an election on May 1, 2021. This election has numerous propositions on the ballot. CWA 6132 and the Austin Central Labor Council has opposed the strong Mayor proposition, otherwise known as proposition F. If passed, all power and decision capabilities will be removed from City Council and given to the Mayor. The Mayor will have veto powers and sole executive powers. This will change the landscape of Austin in the process. Currently, we as a local can reach out to various members of City Council to express the concerns of our members and educate them on the issues that matter most to our members as well. CWA 6132 has built and maintained a strong partnership with numerous City Council members over the years, but if proposition F is passed, that will all change. We would have no choice but to lobby the Mayor and hope he is on our side since he could veto any measure he doesn’t like.

Please make a plan to vote. Early voting has begun and goes through Tuesday April 27th. Polls are open 7 am to 7 pm. Election day is Saturday, May 1st.

For more information, The Statesman has this article to explain further.

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