February 2022 Membership Recap – BYLAWS

BYLAWS CHANGES – At last night’s membership meeting, the proposed amendment to the CWA 6132 Bylaws passed by two-thirds of the members present and will take effect on March 12, 2022 (30 days following the meeting). The new language will enable the Executive Board to conduct business each month, eliminate gaps between meetings, and allow us to be more consistent with the requirements set forth by national leadership and our constitution. To ensure the proposed change was in compliance with the CWA Constitution, it was reviewed by the Bylaws Committee who then presented their findings to the membership before a vote was cast. Members were allowed time to speak “for” or “against” the proposed change, without interruption, in order for them to fully explain their reasoning as to why the membership should be in favor of, or against, the submitted amendment. After the votes were counted (twice), the motion to accept passed before the meeting was adjourned for the night. The updated Bylaws will now be sent to CWA National for final approval.

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