Local Contract Explanation Meeting – Thursday, March 16, 7:30pm


President Jason Peavler along with the Executive Board will be holding a special meeting this Thursday at the Union Hall to go over any questions you may have pertaining to the Tentative Agreement. Follow the link to view and save a copy of the 2017 Tentative Agreement. This will be mailed out with your ballots.

Link to Event Page


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Recording from Thursday’s Town Hall Contract Explanation

Click this link to be redirected to the CWA District 6 site

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View the 2017 SW Tentative Agreement

2017 SW Tentative Agreement

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Submit Questions for Town Hall

Link to District 6 Question Submission

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Contract Explanation Flyer

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Bargaining Report #23


                           2017 CWA/AT&T SW Bargaining Summary Highlights

  • Successorship language renewed
  • Protected JOG for the life of the agreement  with modifications (ESC)
  • Lump Sum Pension Option for the life of Agreement
  • Yearly 1% increase in Pension Bands for the life of the contract
  • Involuntary Severance Payment increases by 3% on January 1, 2019
  • Ratification Bonus of  $1,000 if ratified by April 7, 2017
  • Significant Wage Increases:   2017 – 3.0%,  2018 – 2.5%,   2019 – 3.0%,  2020 – 2.25%
  • Improved Language for Internal Appeals Process
  • Maintained  Medical Plan  2018 – 27%,  2019  – 28%,  2020 – 29%,   2021 – 29%
  • Newly negotiated  Two (2)  weeks paid Parental Leave for Mom and Dad
  • Success Sharing Plan – Renewed
  • Renewed Neutrality Agreement—Card Check
  • Tuition Reimbursement to include Nano Degrees
  • 3,000 jobs returning from offshore locations
  • 3,900 Employees hired after January 1, 2015 will be  moved to Current Employee  Medical Benefits, effective January 1, 2018 includes 3,600 Premises Technicians
  • New layoff language for Premises Technicians  by inverse seniority
  • Increased Meal  Allowance for Premises Technicians to $37.00
  • Reduced Mandatory Overtime for Premises Technician from 17 to 14 hours
  • Protected Premises Technicians (CST’s) – Protections Renewed
  • Leveraged Service Representatives Quota Relief for Union Paid/Union Unpaid Time
  • LSR Committee to discuss Service Levels (Call Routing)
  • Renew Recommendations of the Service Representative Review Committee
  • Renew Prohibition against DML/Dismissal for Adherence for Service Representatives
  • Renewed Monitoring Agreement
  • Increased Travel Allowances
  • Improved allowances for Laundry and Parking
  • All “MOA”, “MOU”, “LOA” renewed or modified
  • RPPP table to be increased by 3% on January 1, 2019
  • Renew the National Transfer Plan (NTP)
  • Renew promotion of CWA/NETT Academy
  • AT&T Savings and Security Plan increase to Maximum Weekly Contributions at 3 new levels up to $95

On behalf of District 6 Vice President Cummings, we would like to thank the Bargaining Committee Members for their commitment, dedication, and long hours of hard work that made the negotiations of this contract possible:

Mike Neumann, Chair

Jeff Hayes, Vice President – Local 6360

Marc LaRousse, President – Local 6139

Gerald Murray, President – Local 6507

Luke Pavone, President – Local 6316

Jason Peavler, President – Local 6132

Glynne Stanley, President – Local 6214

Special Thanks to all of our CWA Locals, District Mobilization Committee and our CWA Members for taking an unwavering stand.  Your demonstration of Solidarity did not go unnoticed!





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Tentative Agreement Reached


The officers of Local 6132 were just notified by District 6 that a Tentative Agreement has been reached between AT&T and the CWA Bargaining Committee. The specific details of the agreement have not been shared with the Officers. Here is a copy of the letter received from the Vice President of District 6.




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Bargaining Update # 21


This is the information pulled from the District 6 website:


Your CWA Bargaining Committee continued negotiations late into the night on Sunday, through Monday, February 27, 2017.  The Union Committee continues to bargain today, attempting to reach an agreement with the Company.  There has been much progress in these negotiations but we still have a ways to go.  We will update the site as information becomes available.

A special thank you to CWA Local 6009 President Jerry Butler, for his correspondence to the Bargaining Committee.  President Butler said his CWA Members are ready to do whatever is necessary in this fight.  CWA Local 4900, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, sent a large package to the Union Committee, which we appreciate.  CWA Local 4900 President Tim Strong included a letter in the package.  President Strong wrote that CWA Local 4900 stands united with your CWA Bargaining Committee and the CWA Members of District 6 in our fight in achieving a fair contract.  Thank you, CWA Local 6009 and CWA Local 4900 for your support.  The Union Committee gains strength from our CWA Members standing tall.

         Mobilize – More Now – Than Ever

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AT&T SW Bargaining Report #19, #20

AT&T SW Bargaining Report #20

February 26, 2017

Your CWA Bargaining Committee negotiated throughout the weekend with the Company. Late Sunday afternoon the Company presented a “Last, Best and Final Offer” to the Union. The Company proposal is described as an integrated package and must be accepted by the Union Committee by midnight on Monday, February 27, 2017, or it shall be withdrawn. The CWA Committee is studying the proposal, but has already determined that it is lacking, and has a number of retrogressive components. It does not meet the criteria of why both sides agreed to enter into early bargaining. The Union Committee is determined to continue bargaining in these early negotiations and will not accept a sub-standard agreement.

Monday, Tell Your Supervisors That You Will Not Accept an Inferior Contract

AT&T SW Bargaining Report #19

February 25, 2017

Your CWA Bargaining Committee met with the Company on Friday, February 24, 2017. There was progress made at the negotiating table, but both sides are far apart on many issues. Some of the bargaining demands that were discussed are:
•Employee Contributions for the Medical and Dental
•Short Term Disability Plan – Company Proposal to migrate to a 26 week plan
•A Wage Increase to Base Wages
•Paid Illness Days
•Paid Benefit Representative Position
•The Benefit Committee
•The Technology Change Committee
•Article II – Classification of Employees – Temporary Employees
•Article V – Cost of Living Allowance
•Article IV – Basis of Compensation, Section 6 – Changes to the Night Differential language for Cable Splicing Technicians
•Article VI – Hours of Work – Assigned Overtime
•Appendix J Employees – The Home Dispatch Program
•Protection for Core I/M Customer Services Technicians who are declared surplus, and who either accepts or displaces into a Premises Technician position
•Leveraged Services Representatives – Service Levels
•The ad hoc Committee on Two Hour Notification
•Memorandum of Agreement – Employment Security Commitment (JOG)
•The Service Representative Review Committee

Friday night, the Union Committee joined CWA Local 6132 on an informational picket line in front of the facility where negotiations are taking place. Local 6132 did a great job of getting their Members to this Mobilization event. Members from other Labor Unions, as well as the CWA Staff from the Austin office, joined us on the picket line. Great job Local 6132. Your CWA Committee wants to thank Local 6407 for the card signed by their Members, and the picture they sent of their Members engaged in a Mobilization event. The Union Committee and the Company will continue meeting throughout the weekend. We will update these reports as events necessitate.

Keep up the Great Work – Mobilizing

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Early Bargaining

CWA District 6 and AT&T are currently meeting to bargain for our new contract. These are some of the last few updates from the District 6 website.

AT&T SW Bargaining Report #8

AT&T SW Bargaining Report #8

The CWA Bargaining Committee met with the Company on February 9, 2017.  The Company presented a complete package proposal to the Union.  The Union Bargaining Committee spent Friday, February 10, 2017 and the entire weekend meeting with the Company, as well as analyzing the package to fully understand the totality of the Company proposal.  To characterize the Company’s proposal as retrogressive would be sugar coating the description.  Listed below are the “lowlights” of the Company’s package proposal.

  • A 1.5% wage increase to base wages in each year of 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.
  • Deletion of Article V – Cost of Living Allowance
  • The elimination of the Night Differential
  • The elimination of Article IV, Section 6, paragraph b. pay treatment for Cable Splicing Technicians
  • The Union will no longer be notified of major incentive plans that will be implemented
  • Employees may be excluded from any Incentive Plans for any reason
  • The elimination of Overtime at Two Times the Basic Hourly Rate
  • The elimination of Severance Payments for any reason
  • All employees will have only five paid illness days
  • A day of waiting for all employees before being eligible for a paid illness day
  • All employees hired after April 8, 2017 shall not be eligible for any paid illness days
  • Leverage Service Representative change – 50% wage rate in base pay, 50% in the target incentive
  • Leverage Service Representative – target incentive shall be capped at 250%
  • The elimination of the Leverage Service Representative Sales Committee
  • Refusal of a lateral transfer from a Service Representative to a Leveraged Service Representative position in a surplus condition shall now be considered a job declination
  • The elimination of displacement rights for a Service Representative
  • The elimination of pay protection for Customer Services Technicians who were forced into the Premise Technician title because of a surplus condition
  • The Day after Thanksgiving shall be removed as a Holiday and replaced with a Floating Holiday
  • Only one week of vacation may be carried over into the following year
  • Transitional Leave of Absence language in the surplus process – from no earlier than 28 days to no earlier than day 14
  • Temporary Employees – change maximum length of employment from 18 months to 36 months
  • Reduce the time an employee may file a grievance from 45 days to 30 days
  • Reduce the number of employees that might be paid for attending a grievance meeting from three to two
  • Effective January 1, 2018, Current Employees who participate in the Southwest Program of the AT&T Pension Benefit Plan will not be eligible for future pension band increases
  • Effective January 1, 2018, the lump sum optional form of payment of the AT&T Pension Benefit plan will only be available for the benefit accrued prior to January 1, 2018
  • Effective January 1, 2018, for those employees eligible for the Bargained Cash Balance Program #2 of the AT&T Pension Benefit Plan, (BCB2), will only be available for benefit accruals prior to January 1, 2018
  • Effective January 1, 2018, all 2017 New Hires shall not be eligible to participate in any AT&T sponsored pension plan or policy



  • Employee Contributions for the Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability, Care Plus, and Life Insurance shall be at the following percentages:

(2018 – 29%)(2019 – 30%)(2020 – 32%)(2021 – 32%)


  • Replacement of the AT&T Medical and Group Life Insurance Plan – Custom Care with the Southwest Medical Program
  • Replacement of the AT&T Dental Plan with the AT&T Dental Program
  • Replacement of the AT&T Vision Plan with the AT&T Vision Program
  • Replacement of the AT&T Medical and Group Life Insurance Plan – Group Life Insurance with the AT&T Group Life Insurance Program for Active Employees
  • Replacement of the AT&T Disability Income Program for Southwest Bargained Employees (52 week plan) with the AT&T Disability Income Program (26 week plan)
  • Replacement of the AT&T Employee Assistance Plan (AT&T Employee Assistance Program*) with the AT&T Employee Assistance Program
  •  Amend – that the Company may unilaterally modify or discontinue  Insurance Plans and the AT&T Voluntary Benefits Platform without further discussions with the Union
  • Eliminate the Benefit Committee


  • The follow Memorandums of Agreement shall be deleted:

CWA Internal Appeal Process

Extended Employment Opportunity Period

Facilities Locate Work

Hometown Job Security Commitment

Surplus Leaves of Absence

Informal Surplus

Modified Procedures for Expedited Arbitration

National Transfer Plan

Presidential Council

Regarding Neutrality and Card Check Recognition

Recovery of Wage or Benefit Overpayments


  • The following Task Forces shall be deleted:

Communications Consultant Joint Leadership Forum

Global Positioning System

Revenue Management Representative Working Group

Service Representative Review Committee

Two Hour Notification


The CWA Bargaining Committee has not completed analyzing the Company’s proposals for Appendix J employees.The Committee will send out a bargaining report later today with those Company demands.After reading this report Members are now aware of the fight we are in at the negotiating table with the Company.Your Committee will not give up until we have a good contract for all of our Members.We need your support, step up the Mobilization activities.

AT&T SW Bargaining Report #9

AT&T SW Bargaining Report #9

As discussed in Bargaining Report #8, this is a follow-up bargaining report regarding only Appendix J Employees.  Many of the Company’s Bargaining demands in Bargaining Report #8 affect Appendix J Employees.  The Company Bargaining demands listed in this report are specific to Appendix J Employees.

  • The Company shall have sole discretion to assign Appendix J employees to participate in the AT&T Home Dispatch Program.
  • The Company at its discretion, may offer jobs in Appendix J titles to employees not in Appendix J through the 2017 Labor Agreements
  • Amend Supplemental Statement 2., Basis of Compensation, Section 3., Overtime – the elimination of the 17 hour limit for overtime
  • Amend Supplemental Statement 2., Basis of Compensation, to delete Section 5., – delete Sunday Premium Payments
  • Amend Supplement Statement 3., Work Schedules, Section 1., Work Schedules, to delete employees preference in order of seniority, the forty-eight (48) hours notice requirement for schedule changes and delete the thirty-two (32) hours of work guarantee
  • Amend Supplemental Statement 3., Work Schedules Section 3., Cancellation of Hours, to delete paragraph 3.b.
  • Amend Supplemental Statement 4., Holidays, Section 1., Paid Holidays, to delete the Day After Thanksgiving
  • Amend Supplemental Statement 5., Vacations, to delete Section 3., delete carryover vacation
  • Amend Supplemental Statement 6., Personal Days, Section 1., Personal Days Off, to increase the number of personal days off from seven to eight
  • Amend Supplemental Statement 7., Absences from Duty, Section 5., to add the following sentence – Employee’s hired after April 8, 2017 shall not be eligible for any paid illness days
  • Amend Supplemental Statement 11., Travel, Section 2.d., Travel and Temporary Work Locations, delete “ Insofar as the service requirements and abilities of the employees will permit, as determined by management, employee preference in order of seniority shall be taken into account in the assignment of overnight trips.”


                                Memorandums of Agreement – Deleted

  • Memorandum of Agreement – Informal Surplus
  • Memorandum of Agreement – Four-Day Work Week
  • Motor Vehicle Usage Program

CWA Bargaining Reports #8 and #9 summarize the Company’s initial proposal to the CWA Bargaining Committee.  It is obvious after analyzing the Company’s proposal that they intend to delete as many work rules as they can from the Labor Agreement.   In addition they seem determined to pass on substantial costs regarding Benefits to Employees.  Your CWA Committee is determined that this will not happen.  But it takes all of us sticking together to send a strong message to the Company.  Talk to your fellow Union Members, educate them as to what the Company is attempting to do.  Tell your Managers that you stand shoulder to shoulder with your Union Committee, and that we will not rest until we have negotiated a fair Labor Agreement.


Mobilize                                             Mobilize                                                 Mobilize


AT&T SW Bargaining Report #10

The CWA Bargaining Committee worked throughout the day, on February 13, 2017, and then late into the evening to prepare a response to the Company’s first bargaining package.   As you have read in Bargaining Reports #8 and #9 the Company’s first proposal has no chance of being accepted by your Bargaining Committee.  The CWA Committee worked until 11:30 p.m. last night preparing a comprehensive set of proposals to present to the Company on February 14, 2017.  We also plan to remind the Company that both the Union and the Company agreed to go into early bargaining to achieve a good contract before the expiration of the 2013 Labor Agreement.

The CWA Bargaining wants to thank all of our Locals and Members for ramping up Mobilization activities yesterday, and we have been receiving reports this morning that you are letting your Managers know what you think of the Company’s first proposal.  Great Work, continue to tell your Managers that we are all in this together.  We won’t give up and are determined to last one day longer than the Company to achieve a fair and just contract.


Your CWA Bargaining Committee

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